Invited Speakers daily 1 2010-06-15T13:30:21Z Gerald Schaefer Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK No publisher cbonchis 2010-08-16T19:23:38Z Page Hoon Hong Department of Mathematics North Carolina State University USA No publisher dzaharie 2010-06-18T05:38:53Z Page Peter Paule University of Linz, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Schloss Hagenberg, Austria No publisher cbonchis 2010-07-27T11:44:47Z Page Solomon Marcus Romanian Academy No publisher cbonchis 2010-09-23T10:30:32Z Page Stephen Watt No publisher cbonchis 2010-08-27T20:21:00Z Page Virgil Emil Cazanescu University of Bucharest, Romania No publisher cbonchis 2010-07-30T09:30:25Z Page