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Advances in the Theory of Computing

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All areas of Theoretical Computer Science, broadly construed, are of interest. In particular a non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Data Structures and algorithms
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Formal languages and Combinatorics on Words.
  • Graph-theoretic and Combinatorial methods in Computer Science
  • Algorithmic paradigms, including distributed, online, approximation, probabilistic, game-theoretic algorithms.
  • Computational Complexity Theory, including structural complexity, boolean complexity, communication complexity, average-case complexity, derandomization and property testing.
  • Logical approaches to complexity, including finite model theory.
  • Algorithmic and computational learning theory.
  • Aspects of computability theory, including computability in analysis and algorithmic information theory.
  • Proof complexity.
  • Computational social choice and game theory
  • New computational paradigms: CNN computing, quantum, holographic and other non-standard approaches to Computability.
  • Randomized methods, random graphs, threshold phenomena and typical-case complexity.
  • Automata theory and other formal models, particularly in relation to formal verification methods such as model checking and runtime verification.
  • Applications of theory, including wireless and sensor networks, computational biology
    and computational economics.
  • Experimental algorithmics.
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